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Breaking: Leighton Berry to lead new AgTruckTrader.com Pro Rodeo Team

by Chris Dize
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Westfield, N.C. (June 30, 2023) —The Certified Agriculture Group is pleased to announce that two-time NFR Qualifier Leighton Berry will take the reins of an all new AgTruckTrader.com Pro Rodeo team. Berry is currently ranked the world’s #1 bareback rider by PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association), the world’s largest rodeo organization.

“There’s no greater honor than to partner with, and represent, a genuine agriculture company in agriculture’s official sport,” noted Berry. “As Captain of this new team, I plan to share the work ethic and integrity that rodeo has taught me with the rest of the AgTruckTrader team we are building. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be announcing new members … men and women … from multiple pro rodeo events. Each of us proudly representing AgTruckTrader & Certified Agriculture Dealers all over the nation, while increasing awareness among rodeo fans of the $30,000 in farm/ranch supply savings they can get with AgPack!”

“Working with an ag-based two-time NFR Qualifier is a no-brainer,” says Pat Driscoll, CEO for the Certified Agriculture Group. “We’ve gotten to know Leighton, in part through his participation in our national AgRally Event on National AgDay. He’s the real agriculture deal. His passion for rodeo and ranching matches our passion for helping ranchers and farmers get an ROI on their pickup truck purchases through AgPack®, available exclusively at Certified Ag Dealers.”

What’s AgPack you ask? AgPack is an exclusive bundle of rebates/discounts on farm/ranch supplies you get free with every qualifying new and pre-owned truck purchase from a Certified Ag Dealer. It can be worth more than $30,000* in farm/ranch supply savings with every truck purchase.

Leighton Berry followers can get their LB AgPack ID number and fan pack by simply clicking on the QR Code you’ll find in Leighton’s social media, on his hero cards … even on the pickup he’s driving from rodeo to rodeo.  For those who want to register now, just click on the QR code below.

Ranchers and farmers who want to find the right truck quickly can also go to AgTruckTrader.com. and immediately begin browsing eligible pickups at CADs nationwide. It is no longer necessary to scour the internet looking for Certified Ag Dealers that may, or may not, have the right truck.  All CAD inventories can be viewed at once, by truck brand, dealer, or location, knowing that every truck one finds is AgPack eligible.

*Based on customer using every AgPack® benefit, to its maximum value.

For Additional Information, contact:

Lyle E. Orwig, Chief Marketing Officer

Certified Agriculture Dealerships



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