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By Tracy Renck, PSN Editor

TORRINGTON, Wyo. – Cole Patterson clocked a 10.0-second run in the four-man, sudden-death finals to win the National Circuit Finals Steer Roping title on Sunday in his debut at the event.

“This is amazing,” said Patterson, 25. “It’s just awesome. This committee puts on such a big event for us. They do a heck of a job taking care of us, and we really appreciate it.”

Jess Tierney, the third roper to go in the finals, took the lead with his 10.6-second time, setting the stage for Patterson.

“You only get so many chances to win something like this and it’s hard to pass up,” Patterson said. “Even though second was super wide open, it’s hard to pass up trying to win first at an event like this. I knew I had an excellent steer, and big thanks to Coy Thompson for putting together a heck of a set of steers for this event. Without good steers, this event would just be a good event, but with the good steers he brings it’s a great event. I thought I had him (Tierney), and it’s amazing to win.”

Tierney was a good sport in defeat.

“I felt like I gave myself a good chance to tie one fast in the finals,” Tierney said. “I maybe could have made a few adjustments and been a hundredth or so faster, but I thought I did what I could. Cole ropes extremely well, and it’s not to be unexpected for him to tie a good one fast. I’m always happy to come to Torrington. They like having steer roping and they appreciate having us here, and we appreciate being here and roping for this kind of money.”

Corey Ross (21.2 seconds) finished third, while Rocky Patterson, Cole’s father, finished fourh in 26.3. Rocky is the only two-time NCFSR champion, winning in 2012 and 2019.

Cole Patterson earned an NCFSR record $10,786, eclipsing the $10,095 mark set by Scott Snedecor in 2020. Patterson arrived in Torrington first in the PRCA | RAM World Standings with $24,407. He’ll add to that total because the money won at the NCFSR counts toward the world standings.

“It’s great to set that record,” said Patterson, who was riding his horse, Tigger, 16. “It’s few and far between for steer ropers to win that much money at an event. It’s a big boost in the standings. Coming into the eight-man round I told my dad one of us has to win that buckle because I left my belt at home. I was wearing a buckle I bought down at the farm store in Torrington.”

Rocky, a four-time world champion, was happy for his son.

“It’s really cool, but I wish he would have won second behind me,” Rocky said. “But, he earned it.”

In addition to winning the title, Cole won a Polaris Ranger, a Cactus saddle, a Montana Silversmiths buckle and a pair of Justin boots.

The top eight cowboys in the average who qualified for the semifinals were Landon McClaugherty (84.3 seconds on six head), Rocky Patterson (59.7 seconds on five), Cole Patterson (66.5 seconds on five), Chris Glover (72.2 seconds on five), Coy Thompson (72.3 seconds on five), Jess Tierney (74.7 seconds on five), Howdy McGinn (77.1 seconds on five) and Corey Ross (107.5 seconds on five).

Cole Patterson won the semis with a 10.0-second run, followed by Tierney (10.4), Rocky Patterson (10.7) and Ross (12.5).

“My strategy in the eight-man was do what I needed to to get to the four-round,” Cole said. “I had never been here before, but everybody told me that if you just make a good run in the eight-man you will get back to the four. I was just trying to make a good run. I knew I had a really good steer. I ran in the fifth round and was 11.2 seconds on him. I knew that steer was so good, and I was just trying to stay out of my way and just tie him down, and it worked out.”

Glover’s horse, Cooper, was named the top horse of the NCFSR for the second time. Cooper also won the award in 2017 when Glover won the NCFSR. Glover had his chance at another NCFSR crown end when he finished sixth in the semis with a 13.5-second run.

Torrington hosted the NCFSR for the 12th time.

Article courtesy of ProRodeo.com 

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