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FORT WORTH, Texas – For the second time, Hope Thompson has claimed a Women’s Rodeo World Champion title. The Stephenville, TX cowgirl claimed the WRWC All-Around Buckle to take home a $20,000 bonus on top of a $5,000 heeler challenger world champion bonus. In 2020, Hope Thompson earned the only qualified time in team roping with Rylie Smith at the heels, to take home a near $100,000 cash prize. Thompson is the richest athlete within the WCRA, with over $200,000 in earnings.

At the end of the semi-finals round, the $5,000 world champion bonus was paid out to athletes in all disciplines from both the PRO Leaderboard and the Challenger Leaderboard. The award was based on total points earned from the combined Leaderboards. The Athletes who earned the $5,000 bonus in each discipline and division are:

Team Roping
Discipline Name
Pro Header Bev Robbins
Pro Heeler Annette Stahl
Challenger Header Rylie Smith
Challenger Heeler Hope Thompson
Barrel Racing
Discipline Name
Pro Barrel Racer Rainey Skelton
Challenger Barrel Racer Jana Guthrie
Breakaway Roping
Discipline Name
Pro Breakaway Roper Martha Angelone
Challenger Breakaway Roper Rylie Edens

World Championship cumulative points will accrue through the entire segment (October 4, 2021 – April 17, 2022) and extend through the WRWC Qualifying Rounds, Semi-Final Round, and Aggregate.

On the spurs of Thompson’s 8.0 second run in team roping Tuesday night, she found herself in a points battle with 2020 All-Around cowgirl Jackie Crawford for the $20,000 bonus. Prior to the performance, the ropers were separated by a near 1100 points. For the second time in the event, Thompson and Smith ran the only clean qualified time in the challenger performance to lock-in her all-around title.

As the action continued, 3x PRCA World Champion Hailey Kinsel was last to run and delivered a 13.667 performance, besting 2021 WRWC Barrel Racing Champions, Rainey Skelton, who earned a 13.748-seocnd time in the barrel racing pro classification. Malee Jones took home the fastest time in both the pro and challenger division after surging to the top of the leaderboard with a 13.495-second time.

The Breakaway battle began as Martha Angelone was the last competitor to run faster than Britta Strain’s 2.92-second time. Angelone took on the challenge and trumped Stains time after earning a 2.20-second run in the pro division. In the challenger division, Keeley Senn championed with a 2.22-second time, edging out Hanna Hundsdorfer’s 2,30.

In the Team Roping Pro division, Kenna Francis and Martha Angelone landed the no.1 one time of the night with a 6.54-second time, topping Jackie Crawford and Annette Stahl’s 6.85-second run.

The top 10 athletes in each discipline will advance to Wednesday’s Showdown Round, where the top three will advance to the Triple Crown of Rodeo Round to compete for the Event Champion and $60,000. For a complete list of advancement, results and all-around points, please view here.

Tickets for the Triple Crown of Rodeo Round are still available and start at $20. They can be purchased at the Cowtown Coliseum Box Office, or online at cowtowncoliseum.com.

May 18 tickets are on sale now and start at $20. They can be purchased at the Cowtown Coliseum Box Office, or online at cowtowncoliseum.com.



The WRWC is the largest annual purse for a women’s rodeo event and will payout more than $750,000 in 2021 while crowning World Champions in the Women’s Rodeo disciplines; Team Roping, Breakaway Roping and Barrel Racing. An all-around champion will also be crowned. WRWC is a culmination of a year-long race of women’s rodeo events worldwide. Athletes qualify for the WRWC by earning points and leaderboard positions using the VRQ (Virtual Rodeo Qualifier). The championship event will take place at the historic Cowtown Coliseum May 16-18.

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