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PBR Sports Performance Center Makes Big Impact on Rodeo Athletes

by Chris Dize
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PBR Sports Performance Center Executive Director, Antwon Burton, is more than just a veteran football player.

As an athlete, trainer and individual who had the odds stacked against him from a very young age, Antwon is uniquely equipped to train and prepare athletes for both the public and private sides of life.

Growing up as a kid in a tough section of Buffalo, NY, Antwon has learned a true grit and grind at a young age. He has taken those lessons and applied them in college, the NFL, and his professional career. He has trained collegiate and professional athletes across the country of all sports who have reached their ultimate goals, all while traveling to give motivational speeches to schools, universities and large corporations across the country.

A First Of Its Kind

The PBR Sport Performance Center is an 18,000 sq. foot destination facility for athletes from all over the world. In addition to the hundreds of American athletes that compete for the PBR, Bull Riders from Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and more will find value in the state-of-the-art facility and all that it offers. Athletes will have the opportunity to travel to Pueblo regularly and improve their bull riding skills, injury recovery and prevention, fitness and more with confidence.

This is the first professional training facility with the primary focus being on Bull Riders and Western Sports as a whole. With an estimated 4-6 Bull Riding camps in 2019, and Bull Riding legends such as Cody Lambert, Justin McBride and Ty Murray being brought in to instruct the athletes, we expect the sport of Bull Riding to improve greatly. Additional camps will be offered in other disciplines of Western Sports following the same format; bringing in expert coaches in each discipline for live outs at a nearby facility and using our facility for the athletic training, mind and vision training, rehabilitation, etc.

PBR Sports Performance Center

PBR Sports Performance Center


Our Mission

Our mission is to evaluate, promote and educate student athletes and families through the recruiting process. In this process we want to close the stress gap recruiting causes between the parent and athlete. This is going to be the first adult decision in your son or daughter’s life, it’ s our responsibility to get you as ready as possible with a family first approach. We strive to build the best resume to find the perfect college fit.

Ezekiel “Blue” Mitchell

Antwon Burton & Ezekiel “Blue” Mitchell







For more information on how to get involved visit: PBR Sports Performance Center


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