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Shad Mayfield and Shelby Boisjoli Return to the Wacky Wild West in Twisted X’s 2023 NFR Campaign

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The fan-favorite ropers will revive their Old West personas in Twisted X’s highly-anticipated 2023 NFR commercial.

Ad campaigns are nothing new at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (NFR), But in 2022, all eyes were on Twisted X after the team revealed an Old West commercial series that caused waves of laughter among the boisterous crowd. Commercials featuring 2020 World Champion tie-down roper and five-time NFR qualifier Shad Mayfield and breakaway superstar Shelby Boisjoli were a highlight of the event, putting the two ropers at the front and center of an effort that highlighted their skills and comradery with a healthy dose of humor to boot.

For the audience, it was a delightful surprise to see these rodeo athletes as actors in Twisted X’s series of off-the-wall commercials. But as the footwear company’s name implies, it is famously known for adding a signature twist to anything it does, be it using upcycled plastic to produce top-quality footwear or integrating cutting-edge comfort technologies into every pair of boots it makes. The commercial campaign was no exception, and the team’s talented writers and cast delivered a hilarious series of videos that brought the house down.

Now, Twisted X, which leads the pack in developing top-quality footwear using various eco-friendly materials, is ready to wow fans again with an all-new ad during this year’s NFR. Rodeo lovers will again see Mayfield and Boisjoli represent the brand with another unforgettable Old West-inspired commercial spot that will leave fans rolling on the ground with laughter.

Twisted X: A Footwear Company Unlike Any Other

To both Mayfield and Boisjoli, Twisted X is much more than just a footwear brand.

“I just love the Twisted X family. And it is a family. They’re the best company ever to work with,” says Boisjoli, who will head into the WPRCA’s National Finals of Breakaway Roping (NFBR) in the number one spot.

The two ropers truly do embody that spirit of family. They’re not afraid to work hard, but that also means they get to play hard. Twisted X’s commercial campaigns are a fine example of where working hard and playing hard collide, giving these rodeo athletes a chance to showcase their talents in a manner that elevates each of their profiles while entertaining the masses.

“I think doing this kind of work is a lot more fun than just doing a regular photo shoot like I’ve always done,” says Mayfield. “Doing commercials is kind of a new thing. You have more fun doing it. And there’s always a story behind it. The biggest part is, I can’t wait until they get that commercial put together and I finally get to see it at the NFR.”

Within the world of Western fashion and apparel, it’s a deviation from the norm to write, shoot, produce, and edit a series of comedic commercials. That’s why Twisted X works so hard to ensure the resulting commercials are as solid as possible. They feature beautiful cinematography and intricate backdrops. Fans won’t be disappointed with the effort the team and the athletes put into this year’s NFR commercial.

Mayfield anticipates fans will be excited to see what the Twisted X team has cooked up. “This year, going into it, I had no idea what to expect — I don’t know anything until I get there — but I knew it was definitely going to be something cool,” he says.

Spectators can expect another hilarious take on the Old West lifestyle, similar to the company’s previous show-stopping efforts.


For example, “The Good, the Bad, and the Uncomfortable” features Mayfield and Boisjoli ready to engage in a toe-to-toe showdown before being interrupted by townspeople who can’t stop talking about how much their feet hurt. Rather than ending in a duel, the two ultimately join a town-wide celebration after explaining to the townies that they need footwear that features Twisted X’s Tech X technology.

There’s also “The Boys of Jolly,” a play on frequent mispronunciations of Boisjoli’s last name (pronounced “BOSGE-lee,” as she clarifies in the spot). She then shows off her roping skills, leaving her embarrassed would-be nemesis in his boxer shorts.

And, then, of course, there’s “The Legend of Money,” where a future Mayfield explains to his young grandson why folks call him “Money.” It turns out Mayfield’s roping skills came in handy in catching a bank robber. Now, if only he’d tell fans what happened to all that money.

“People ask me all the time, ‘What did happen to the money?’ And that brings back a cool memory,” Mayfield says. “Because every time someone says that, it just goes back to that shoot we did with Twisted X. I always pull up the video and watch it again because it’s pretty cool. But I want to know the same thing — what happened to the money? Maybe with one of the commercials, we’ll figure out where it all went.”

The commercials are funny and highlight the athletes by tailoring the roles and storyline specifically to them. Though neither is a trained actor, both shine on the screen. Mayfield is effortlessly hilarious, and Boisjoli’s humorous cowgirl persona makes her as captivating on the screen as she is in the arena.

“I think they’re funny, and I think that the airtime they got for Twisted X was great,” Boisjoli says of last year’s commercials. “They got a lot of exposure, so I think that was awesome for us and the brand. It’s a good laugh and gets people talking, but they’re not trying too hard to be, like, ‘Buy Twisted X boots!’ It’s just a funny little commercial. I think it’s a standout because of how they go about it.”Mayfield has already let it drop that the storyline for this year’s commercial builds off of what transpired last year.

“It’s a pretty awesome thing to be a part of,” he says.

But ultimately, it’s all about the boots. Mayfield and Boisjoli strongly believe in the company’s mission of creating high-quality products using sustainable methods and natural materials. Their passion for the brand shows their excitement and willingness to arrive on set and lend their talents to make a knockout commercial.

Working Toward that Coveted World Champion Title

Mayfield has once again qualified for the NFR this year, and Boisjoli is in a prime position to take it all as the breakaway roper leads in earnings ahead of the NFBR.

“I would love to win the world title this year, but one calf at a time. And I think that being able to rope ten and hit the barrier and catch ten is kind of my goal,” Boisjoli says.

“I’ll just try to do the best that I can,” says Mayfield. “I always try to set pretty big goals for myself. You know, I go in trying to win a gold buckle. So that’s kind of my plan.”

Boisjoli offers solid advice for those looking to follow in her footsteps and carve their path to greatness in whatever a person chooses to do. “Find something that you love to do, and go after it,” she says. “Put 110% into everything that you do.”

Mayfield echoes the sentiment. “Work hard and follow your dreams,” he says. “I like to set big goals. If you don’t set goals for yourself, then I don’t see the point of doing something. You’ve got to set a goal to be able to strive to achieve that goal. Always have big dreams for yourself, and work hard to make them happen.”

Visit Twisted X’s Youtube chanel and see Twisted X’s products at www.twistedx.com/

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