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After the COVID-19-marred 2020 PRCA season, bull rider Sage Kimzey was anything but happy with his results.

Kimzey, who won six consecutive world championships from 2014-19, finished fifth in the 2020 PRCA | RAM World Standings with $184,764.

After last weekend, Kimzey might be returning to championship form.

Kimzey earned a combined $8,889 between the Cactus Jack Xtreme Bull Riding in Uvalde, Texas, and the Guymon (Okla.) Pioneer Days Rodeo from April 30 to May 2.

“It was a great weekend,” said Kimzey, 26. “It was one of those deals where I felt like I have been riding pretty good and I felt good and I’ve really been craving it. This is the first weekend it all came together, and I really capitalized on all the opportunities I had. That really fuels my fire and makes me feel good about the entire weekend. Even though I’ve been doing OK throughout the season, this is the first time that it really feels like it all came together, and this is the right time to get the ball rolling.”

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His performance in Uvalde included a 93-point ride on Lancaster & Jones Pro Rodeo’s He Reigns to win the second round. That tied for the second-highest scored ride of the season with Stetson Wright and marked the week’s top bull ride.

“I’ve seen that bull before, and I was hearing the buzz about him that he was a good one, and I was dang sure happy to have him,” Kimzey said. “It’s not very often you get to be 90 much less 93.

“Whenever you’re talking about that high of a score it just doesn’t happen that often in your career. To be 93 was pretty special for sure.”

Kimzey followed that ride with a 91-point trip aboard Harper & Morgan Rodeo Company’s No. 51 to win the finals and the average in Uvalde.

“I feel like I’m back to the Sage Kimzey of old,” he said. “Last year being the tough year that it was for multiple reasons it kind of took the joy and the fun out of rodeo for me for an extended period of time. Now, everything is rockin’ and rollin’ and I’m looking forward to jumping in the rig and heading down the road to the next rodeo, which is more than I can say for last year. I’m having fun with it and enjoying it again, and you’re seeing that in my performance.

“It’s a tough sport and it can be a grind, and sometimes it can wear you a little too thin. If I was to sum up 2020, that would probably be how I summed it up. This year I rekindled the fire and re-found the love that I had for bull riding and rodeo, and it’s all looking up from here.”

Result from Guymon Pioneer Days Rodeo

Kimzey will be in action in Crockett, Texas (May 6), Bay City, Texas (May 7) and Pleasanton, Texas (May 8).

“For the first time in over a year we look at the Business Journal and there’s more than one option to go to on a weekend,” Kimzey said. “I feel rodeo has come back to life, and it’s exciting.”

Results from Uvalde, Texas, Xtreme Bulls

In addition to Kimzey, other contestants who had top rides and times for the week of April 26 to May 2 were:

Bareback rider Caleb Bennett with an 87-point ride on Pickett Pro Rodeo’s Freckled Frog to win Guymon.

Steer wrestler Marcus Theriot, who clocked a 3.5-second run to win the third round in Guymon.

Team ropers Lightning Aguilera and Shay Dixon Carroll, who stayed hot, stopping the clock in 4.7 seconds to claim the third round in Guymon.

Saddle bronc rider Wade Sundell with his 89-point ride on Dakota Rodeo’s Jimmy to take the Guymon title.

Tie-down ropers Westyn Hughes and Marley Berger. They each had 7.9 second runs and tied for the second-round win in Guymon.

Barrel racers Jill Wilson and Kelly Bruner, who tied for the top time of the week at 15.54 seconds to share the win at the Helotes (Texas) Festival Association Rodeo.

Reigning world champion breakaway roper Jackie Crawford, who won in Helotes with a 2.1-second run.

Steer roper Bryce Davis, who clocked the fastest time of the week when he won the fourth round in Guymon in 8.9 seconds.

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